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Reverse Osmosis Systems
We design, manufacture and supply Reverse Osmosis Systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications
Water Treatment Plant
We design, manufacture and supply Water Treatment Systems for tap water and process water applications
Sewage Treatment Plant
We design, manufacture and supply wide range of sewage treatment plants for industries, residential and commercial complexes.
Effluent Treatment Plant
We design, manufacture and supply wide range of effluent treatment plants for chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical and food processing industries.

Water Treatment Plant

Water treatment plant offered have wide range of applications in domestic, commercial and industrial processes. National Water offers water treatment plants ( WTP) like water softener, demineralization plant, heavy metal removing plant, membrane based purification systems like UF and NF , chemical dosing systems, disinfection systems, Ultraviolet irradiation systems, Pressure Sand Filters (PSF) , Activated Carbon Filters (ACF), Multi Grade Filters (MGF), etc.

Water Softener

Water softener is employed in many water based applications to control the damage to process instruments due to calcium and magnesium hardness present in raw water sources. National Water offers wide range of water softeners from capacity ranging from 100 LPH to 20000 LPH . Many industrial applications like boiler feed water, cooling tower water, process water require low calcium and magnesium content water to prevent harmful scaling formed, National Water’s offered softeners are very efficient and affordable to overcome the aforementioned scaling problems. 

Demineralization plant

Demineralization plant is affordable and low maintenance systems available to remove dissolved harmful ions and best alternative for distillation and membrane based purification systems for producing process water. DM plants operate on principles of ion exchange utilizing resin based cation and anion exchangers. These systems are best suitable for pharmaceuticals, electroplating, electronic industries for producing boiler feed water and process water. 

Pressure Sand Filter

Pressure Sand Filter (PSF) is widely used to remove suspended solids from raw water. Advance water treatment and purification systems like reverse osmosis, nano filtration systems require low turbidity and low total suspended solids (TSS) water to work efficiently. High turbidity water may foul / clog membrane based purification systems, these operational problems are efficiently reduced with National Waters offered best in class pressure sand filter. These systems have wide range of applications from drinking water to most complex effluent treatment processes. 

Activated Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon Filter ( ACF ) have wide range of application in drinking water purification as pre treatment. Systems have employed as polishing units in wastewater treatment processes. Activated carbon efficiently removes, eliminates, deactivate  many contaminants like free chlorine, smell, oils and grease, etc. Maj9or application for these filters are in drinking water purification processes for taste and smell improvements. Systems are available in MOC of FRP, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel as per the customer and process requirements.